Meet with those who
need your expertise
and earn income.
  • * Earn income through 25 or 55-minute video calls.
  • * Set your calendar and accept calls only when you are available.
  • * Make calls without using an additional application and without providing your contact information.
  • * Build your perfect profile, add articles or create a gallery.
  • * Organize online events for up to 50 people.
It's completely free!
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İnsanlara ve İnsanlığa Yatırım Yapın
Receive Secure
Payment & Check

Once you complete your call, your payment will be deposited to your bank account via iyzico within a few days.

Make Secure

Your meeting room is encrypted and completely
for you. Chat without downloading any additional
applications or sharing your personal details.

Online Events

Organize online events for up to 50 people, you
decide what the content and ticket price will be.
Conduct question and answer sessions.

Create and
Sell Package Services

Create more affordable
package sessions for your clients
and put them on the market.

Use Messaging

Your clients can
send you private messages before
or during the session.

Create Coupons
and Make Discounts

Create discount coupons for your sessions and
let users with whom you share coupons make
purchases at a discount.

Never Miss
a Call with Reminders

We send SMS & E-mail
reminders 30 and 10 minutes before
the start of the meeting or event.

Start Your
Sessions Within Minutes

Announce that you
are online at Edvays and start meeting
with your clients immediately.

Become Available
on the Internet

Your profile starts
appearing on internet searches,
making it easier for people to reach you.

Make One-to-One Sessions or
Reach More People Simultaneously
By Organizing Online Events.
Set Your Calendar,
Accept Conversations Only When
You Are Available
  • * Customize your calendar and accept calls only when available.
  • * Organize your calendar daily, weekly or monthly.
  • * You will never be disturbed when you are not available.
Build Your Perfect Profile,
Promote Yourself In The Best Way
  • * Share your experiences, achievements and competencies with your clients.
  • * If you wish, publish your articles or create a photo gallery.
  • * Share your Edvays profile's link on your social media accounts and allow people to reach you.
Spend Your Time Efficiently

Make the most of your time helping others. And earn income while doing this.

Be Among The Most Prestigious Ones

On Edvays,
there are only professionals
with proven expertise.

Your Brand

Allow people to get to know
you better and touch their
lives wholeheartedly.

If You Are Ready, Submit Your
Free Application Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can apply completely free of charge. You can use the features Edvays offers to experts for free.
Yes, the session fees are determined by our experts. Our newcomer experts to Edvays can update their 55-minute call rates as 99, 179 and 199 TL. At least 10 sessions are required to set a higher fee.
You do not need to download any additional applications for one-on-one meetings or online events you will organize on Edvays. You can run the entire process on You can join the conversations with your phone, tablet or computer. Edvays works on any device with access to a camera and a microphone.
If the client purchased a 25-minute interview, the interview duration is 25 minutes, and the call will automatically end after 25 minutes. The same is true for 55-minute calls. If our specialist wishes, he can extend the online call for up to 10 minutes. The online call can be extended for 10 minutes if our specialist wishes.
Yes, all of our experts can organize workshops for up to 50 people.
Yes, during the online event, the management authority is the expert. Our expert can activate the microphone of any user and give the person the right to speak and allow an interactive session.
The income you earn from Edvays is deposited to your bank account within 3-5 working days.