Kaan Civici 5.0
Basketball Talent Trainer
Kaan Civici
We can practice basketball together and I will answer your basketball questions.
United States
Turkish, English

Kaan Civici About

I was born in 1993 in Çorlu. Sakarya Uni. Metallurgy and Materials Eng. I graduated. I came to America twice during school time and settled down for good when the school was over. When I came to America I could not speak English. I learned English just by speaking, without using any books. I made it very easy so that you would not suffer from all the difficulties I had while trying to speak.

Topics I Can Answer Your Questions

  • ─░ngilizce

Education Information

  • Sakarya ├ťniversitesi Metalurji Ve Malzeme M├╝h. -
  • Asheville A - b Tech College F&b Bachelor


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Mu***** Çi****
1 y─▒l ├Ânce
S├Âyledi─čim gibi sizi tedx konu┼čman─▒zda tan─▒m─▒┼čt─▒m. Renkli ki┼čili─činiz, Amerika'daki hayat─▒n─▒z ilgimi ├žekmi┼čti ve tan─▒┼čmak istedim, iyiki de tan─▒┼čm─▒┼č─▒m :) Ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n─▒z─▒n devam─▒n─▒ dilerim.
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