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What is Edvays and
how can it help you?

Edvays is a new-generation platform where you can get in touch with
people who are experts in their field and get professional advice. You can select the expert of your choice and initiate contact.
If you wish, you can get a video call appointment and manage the process more effectively.

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Remember the times you say, "I wish I could ask that question in my mind to an expert"...

The simplest and most effective way to clear away all question marks in your mind.
Select your expert, make a video call or ask your question by sending a message.
You do not need to download an
additional application to make online calls!

After getting an appointment, all you have to do
is to be on Edvays at the scheduled time of the call!
Nor is this all... You can make your calls either by using your phone or your computer.

Find Your Expert
Create your 25 or 55-minute appointment.

The 25-minute sessions are ideal for getting acquainted and
hearing some advice. 55-minute sessions, on the other hand, are ideal
for getting more detailed advice and making some progress.

Are you looking for an expert
who can answer your questions?
Find Your Expert
Do You Want to Help People?

You can mentor people on Edvays, help them with subjects that fall in your area of expertise and earn income from it.

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