23 February 2021 - 01:19

You Are No Longer Alone, Edvays is Right Beside You!

We can feel it... We are aware that time passes so quickly. Sometimes we find it difficult to control time and its speed. That's why many people need a mentor to guide them on their path.

That’s What ‘’Edvays’’ Is For.

Edvays aims to ensure that individuals who have questions in their minds and need professional advice find answers to their questions and get the most accurate advice.

Remember the moments when you say "I wish I could ask that question in my mind to an expert"?

Anyone who needs advice from an expert can use Edvays. Dozens of experts from dozens of categories are here on Edvays to answer your questions.

Once you have determined a suitable mentor for yourself, you can schedule either a 25-minute or a 55-minute video call appointment. If you don't want to have a video call, you can also go for the messaging option.

Everyone Needs a Mentor Now

As we mentioned earlier in our article, sometimes we lose our grip on time. And this may cause serious problems in the future. When you meet a mentor and get professional advice, you make it possible to better control the time!

When you decide on the expert, namely the mentor, you can benefit from his/her experience. This way, you can learn how to make fewer mistakes and have a more enjoyable life.

You Change and Improve Yourself with Edvays!

We mentioned that anyone who needs expert advice can benefit from Edvays. We would like to elaborate a little more on this:

  • You may be a young person who will get a start in business life,
  • You may be an individual who's been swayed from side to side and exposed to mobbing in business life,
  • You may be having difficulty coping with your child's adolescent rebellion,
  • You may be experiencing difficulties in your marriage and do not know what to do,
  • You may be wondering how to make the best cakes,
  • You may have questions about civil engineering,
  • You may have questions about trademark patents,
  • You may want to take Zumba lessons online…

These are just some examples... Dozens of experts from various categories are ready to assist you on Edvays!

Thanks to Edvays, it is no longer impossible to find an expert who can give you information and answer the questions in your mind.

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