10 February 2021 - 02:04

College Graduates Lead Their Lives With Online Interviews

During the epidemic, many university students, despite the disadvantages of the pandemic period, provide online interviews and try to guide their lives through job presentations related to their departments, internships, or work they do outside of the departments they study. In the age of technology, many young university graduates in our country are interested in entrepreneurship and carry out different studies with many companies from the internet sector to get a profession for themselves. Post-University curfew and restrictions in many sectors due to the outbreak have set the stage for students to intern from afar. Many young college graduates take advantage of the situation in this process, where interviews are conducted with online interviews.

Students Get Used To Video Calls

In Turkey and all over the world, students are extremely used to video calls. Now lessons, meetings, and even parties can be made with video calls. When we look at ways statistics, we also see that college students are interviewed in the following categories;

  1. Career advisers
  2. Human resources
  3. Psychology

Online Video Calls Gaining Speed

Today, many university graduates are focused on entrepreneurship by providing online interviews and making a breakthrough in different sectors. In contrast, many college students apply to career counselors and make career planning related to the departments they are studying. In this process, tens of thousands of young university graduates who cannot find work in their sector and do not have the opportunity for internships acquire professions in the IT sector and determine their careers by developing a method of self-employment.

  1. Many of the students who receive counseling services professionally lead their lives in different ways in this sense, starting to work in different sectors rather than in the departments they study. With the recent emergence of online platforms in terms of communication, social media and other internet media have made many young breakthroughs. Again, many young people perform career planning online with the support of experts. University students who start their business life in a balanced and successful way realize their potential on digital platforms and bring themselves to the forefront in many new professional groups in our country.
  2. Especially thanks to technological advances, many young entrepreneurs and individuals who want a free world of work after graduating from University prefer to do the work that is created, especially on their platforms on the internet.
  3. Thanks to the online internship studies that the banks have determined within themselves, many university students are evaluating the alternatives that the banks have offered to find work in this lane. By doing these studies, banks are producing new projects to enable university students to adapt to business life and to help them find new opportunities in different ways.

Many young university graduates who realize that the professions of the future are in the internet world prefer entrepreneurship and have achieved higher earning potential with their freelance work methods.

Business models preferred mainly by University students in the Internet world;

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Software
  • Web Software
  • SEO services
  • Nature Photography
  • Digital advertising expertise
  • Product photography
  • Advertising campaigns consulting
  • Content generation
  • Copywriter
  • Content editor

Apart from the above professional groups, university graduates who prefer many internet-oriented professions have found themselves freer with the development of technology in recent years and recognize new professional groups independently of the departments they study. Currently, you can witness that a university student is both a copywriter, an SEO expert, and a web design expert.


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