10 February 2021 - 01:54

Along With The Pandemic, Online Interviews Became Important!

Especially after the outbreak, many firms and freelancers began to conduct their business, interviews and meetings through online platforms. Simultaneous video calls and video conferencing applications have begun to gain serious importance in the internet sector, especially in improving business efficiency. Think about how many video calls you've had and edited recently during the day. These platforms, which are not much preferred by many individuals in order to provide communication under Normal circumstances, became quite preferred after the epidemic period. Video conferences became the only platform where meetings were held after the outbreak. Video interviews, not just in business, but in education and on many topics, have now become the current flow of life. Even the business presentations and examination system started to be carried out through these platforms. Online interviews, which have been added among the new methods of socialization, are one of the new methods of socialization. Among the most widely used cloud-based applications recently for distance learning and team meetings, Skype and FaceTime have been prominent in the recent past.

History Of Video Interview

Online calls and video conferences are known as telecommunications technology that allows simultaneous transmission of images and sounds. These studies, which were first used in the United States in 1970 to share intelligence, video documents, allow real interviews by eliminating geographical restrictions.

Thanks to this technology, companies, business partners, and many companies around the world can communicate with their customers from a single screen. Regular meetings in this way provide serious cost advantages. This app, which makes people from all over the world feel like they are meeting in the same room, is not an app that is still considered effective for users in one-on-one communication.

Currently, close to 15 million video calls are made daily in companies in the United States. Because of the risk in social environments rather than business groups, groups of friends also come together and chat through these platforms. This video Sunday size is expected to reach an average of $ 25 billion in 2024. If we talk about hybrid models with the development of technology, the Sunday will continue to fold itself.

Popular Online Video Platforms

EDVAYS: Edvays, is a platform where you can get professional advice and participate in online events organized by experts by making 1:1 video calls with experts in your field.

ZOOM: The ZOOM video platform, established in San Jose, California since 2011 and valued at more than $ 16 billion in January 2020, is the most popular application in this industry.

Ruh The World: it is a platform that allows people to come together in many activities, such as panels, conferences, team trainings, where event initiatives are made in virtual.

Houseparty: acquired by EPIC Games, this video app has become an app with 50 million users and is one of the platforms experiencing significant growth in markets.

Google Hangouts: Google has recently focused on the Hangouts Meet app for G Suite visitors. Currently, this app, which gives the right to 10 participants, stands out with its screen sharing and messaging features.

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