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What is Edvays?
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Your payment is not immediately
transferred to the specialist. If your call fails,
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Your meeting room is encrypted and exclusive
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you make a conversation with your username.

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Make an appointment
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Welcome to Edvays!

Edvays is a platform where you can get professional advice through one-on-one video calls with experts and participate in online events organized by these experts.

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Video chat directly with the expert of your choice.

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Online Events

Participate in online events organized by experts using Edvays.

No Additional
Application Required

You do not need to download any additional applications to participate in conversations.

Update or
Cancellation is Possible

If the appointment is more than 2 hours away, you can update the date or cancel the appointment.

Call and
Event Reminder

We send you reminders via SMS & e-mail 30 and 10 minutes before the start of the call or event.

Package Services

Make more calls at more affordable prices thanks to the package services created by experts.

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Choose the mentor you think can help you. Make an appointment for a voice or video call.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It's very simple! Decide which mentor you would like to meet and make an appointment with him/her. After then, all you have to do is to be on Edvays when it's time to meet!
We support psychologists, physicians, teachers, professional athletes, trainers, life coaches, dieticians, fortune tellers, astrologers, software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, financial experts and all other areas of expertise you can think of.
It's completely normal for you to feel a little shy when talking to someone for the first time. But imagine that by the end of the meeting you have cleared all the question marks in your mind! If you want, you can start with 25-minute long introductory meetings. You can take a few different sessions and continue with the mentor you feel most comfortable with. * Tip: If you are a shy person, you can make the call without turning your webcam on.
Sure! You can make your Edvays meeting using any device of your choice. You just have to have a camera and a microphone.